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Aggregate Drying Systems

Providing co-current rotary dryers and optional equipment for the sand, aggregate and mineral industries.


“Combining Years of Experience with Highest Quality Components”

ADS, LLC is a supplier of co-current rotary dryers and optional equipment for the sand, aggregate and mineral industries. Our equipment consists of the finest steel and components available anywhere. We supply a variety of sizes to accommodate customer requirements with optional components so the customer gets the best system to insure low overall cost and high profit.


Drying Systems for sand, aggregate and mineral industries.


Optional Equipment 


Static Tube Coolers are available and offer low cost and small footprint to cooling material prior to mixing, storage or packaging. This option will give many manufacturers of dry mix mortars the ability to minimize dry storage and do quick product changeover.


ADS can supply the correct screen for any application. These include single deck for scalping to five deck screens for precision sizing requirements. We can make arrangements for testing and insuring high performance.

Feed Hoppers and Conveyors

From 1 to 10 or more hoppers for feeding wet material to dyer including engineered system to mix products prior to entering dryer. Above ground front end loaded or drive over bottom discharge and dump discharge
are available.

Why choose us


Highest Quality Material and Components

We use only the finest material available that includes HARDOX 500 steel plate for drum, inlet hood and discharge hopper. Ring girth and pinion gears are made from hardened carbon steel. Dodge drive, Maxxon burners, Kelair air damper valve and Hydronix moisture analyzers are just some of the exceptional components that are standard on ADS dryer systems.



We include limited installation management, start-up service and operator training with every system. After sales service is available as well as we assist our customers to source replacement components direct from local distributors


Total System Quoting

ADS quotes include all necessary components for a complete dryer system and options for additional performance. Freight to job site or port of entry, personnel for limited installation management, start up and training is also included.



The people working and associated with ADS have over 150 years combined experience in drying systems. They have done worldwide projects in Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Europe. All have hands on, field experience and worked on major projects for small, medium and multi-national companies.

What our clients say

Aggregate Drying Systems was selected to supply a new dryer, cooling and screening system for our mortar plant because of their experience and ability to supply the right equipment for our needs. We purchased a 60 TPH system for existing required production and ability to expand. Our available space was limited and they were the only company that had a solution for us.

Luciano Lopez

Luciano Lopez, ORCO Blended Products

I came into the sacking business with no prior experience in blending or packaging dry products. My experience was in block/paver & roofing tile precast concrete products. Pete Foster took me under his wing and shared decades of experience in assisting me design and build our first dry mix blending and packaging operation which also included a sand drying operation. He has been a true mentor, and with his guidance we built a small footprint versatile operation that is doing everything we wanted it to do.

Following the success of our first project together, I asked Pete to help me spec out a powder packaging line consisting of 2 silos, 4 impeller packers, bag flattening, bag cleaning, and robotic palletizing. Once again Pete’s expertise was invaluable in completing another successful project, and once again the operation is doing everything we expected it to do.

Jim Grossi

VP Manufacturing, Calstone Company

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